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(Pickering Passage, Grapeview, WA)
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Welcome to Hummingbird Point. We are located on Pickering Passage across from Jarrel Cove, Hartstine Island. Pickering Passage spans the west side of Hartstine Island. It joins Case Inlet on the north east side of Hartstine Island, and joins Bud Inlet on the south side of Hartstine Island. Our little community is part of the township of Grapeview, Wa.

If you are trying to find us on a map, you will not see "Hummingbird Point" mentioned. We named this finger of land Hummingbird Point because we have hummingbirds here year round, with or without feeders out. In the summer time we have as many as 2 dozen hummingbirds "buzzing" around our heads.

Version Date, Jan. 3, 2014